DO I need Race Experience to compete?

Short Answer: NO. There will be 3 categories of racing for all skill levels. You will earn points based on where you finish in your respective class, that will ultimately go towards your overall team score. The 3 levels of races will be beginner, intermediate and expert. 

Don’t worry we will have Fat Bikes available, just email ahead of time to reserve a bike.

What if I don’t have a Fat Bike?

Is a helmet required?

Yes, a helmet is required for all bike racers.

Do I get SWAG for racing?

Yes, you will be recieving SWAG from our sponsors and we promise it will be stuff you will actually use!

Explain the 3 levels of racing to me and who they are for. 

The beginner race is for individuals who have never raced or ridden on a fat bike, up to individuals who are comfortable riding a fat bike or have lots of recreational experience riding a fat bike. The intermediate race is for people who have raced a couple of times on a fat bike or have years of experience riding a fat bike. The expert race is for those who have multiple races under their belt and are looking to go fast for a full hour. 

Beginner Race: 10-12 laps on a 3/4 of a mile track

Intermediate Race: 15-18 laps on a 3/4 of a mile track

Expert Race: 20-25 laps on a 3/4 of a mile track

How long will each race be?

What is a Criterium style race?

A criterium, or crit, is a race that consists of racers completing laps around a closed circuit. 

What type of bike should I use?

We highly recommend that you use a Fat Tire Bike for this event as it is designed for those types of bikes. You could also use a mountain bike, but to abide by standards, tires must be at least 3.5" wide. 

What does the Duathlon look like?

The duathlon will consist of both biking and running. The format will be that the athlete compete in the bike race first immediately followed by the 4k trail run.

Will there be neutral support?

Yes, velofix Minnesota will be there to provide neutral support. They will be able to also help all riders before and after the race to solve any bike issues. 

What events will be for my family?

There will be winter carnival filled with decadent hot drinks for all, snow tubing, snow shoeing and a 4k winter trail run that will be for all. Fans will be located in the middle of the course, protected by barriers, so they will be able to see their racer for almost the whole race. 

Yes, Ironwood Springs will be providing ample space for all of your items to be stowed securely and warm.

Will there be a place to store my belongings?

There will be plenty of fires being built along the course and there will be indoor spaces for athletes and spectators to warm up in. 

How will I stay warm?

Perkins will be providing baked goods such as muffins and various pastries. Also, nutritional items will be available for racers, such as GU gels. Outside food will be allowed and is encouraged to bring.

What food will be provided?

Yes, there will places to change and shower for both men and women. Showers will be free to use, but riders must bring their own towels and toiletries for the showers. 

Will there be a place for me to change and shower? 

Yes, there will be a designated practice course for riders to warm up on along with various unmarked trails if riders wish to explore the camp grounds. 

Will there be a course to warm up on?

Yes, the event will be open to men and women. There will be 3 levels of racing, so please choose the level of racing that best fits your riding experience. 

Is the event open to men and women?

Alcohol will not be allowed on the grounds as the event is aimed as raising funds for MN Adult & Teen Challenge who's purpose is to help people break free of alcohol and drug related addictions. 

Is alcohol allowed?

will there be a refund for bad weather

We apologized as there will not be any refunds for weather related cancellation.